Introducing Fynd Academy: Fresher to skilled
in 10-12 weeks!

Fynd Academy Team

Mar 01, 2021

This image depicts the programming career option with Fynd Academy.

Effective, on-point curriculum designed to turn you into the best programmer.

For a tech company, engineers are everything. They develop products, decode problems, and go beyond when the situation demands. We are currently a 350+ strong team at Fynd. In 2022, we intend to hire around 100+ engineers to join us.

With experience, we know that finding skilled applicants is hard. And even when we hire a new team member, it takes a while before the candidate can meaningfully contribute. To solve this problem, we are introducing Fynd Academy.

We believe we can change how we hire and how the new team members grow in our company. Instead of taking the usual long-winded approach, we intend to equip applicants with skills that one usually acquires on-the-job. We take our Fynd Academy Interns through years of tribal knowledge at Fynd, giving them the undiluted, intense, and most valuable knowledge that they can put into action right now.

More than a Certificate

Fynd Academy is an accelerated study program for freshers and experienced engineers to meaningfully contribute at work from Day One.

We developed the Fynd Academy program based on insights from our engineering teams. Our goal is to help you master technologies that are essential for building reliable and ready-to-ship products. Fynd Academy curriculum mirrors the technologies and approaches we use to create products at Fynd.

Fynd Academy Courses

Our curriculum is a 10-12 weeks, rigorous program that gives you hands-on experience and prepares you to be productive from the get-go.

But programming is not just about technical knowledge.  We also equip you with all the skills you need to be a confident developer who codes smartly.

Full Stack Development

Full Stack illustration

A comprehensive course that gives you deep knowledge and skills. You will work on real projects and learn frontend, backend and database in 10-12 weeks. We cover:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Vue.js
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB

Backend with Python

Explore the world of Python programming and get hands-on with real world examples and coding challenges. This course will help you get up & running with Python programming in a mere few weeks

Application Process

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Registrations for Fynd Academy open on 30th December,2022 and close on 6th January,2022 . To apply, fill out the application form.

We will assess your information. If you are selected to proceed with the admission process, we’ll communicate further information to you via email.

Fynd Academy is open to all Engineers. If you are a fresher, or a QA looking to shift to Dev, apply today!
Fynd Academy Entrance Exam (FAEE)

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Fynd Academy Entrance Exam (FAEE)

Fynd Academy is an intense program, only suited for those who are motivated and willing to build a great career. The FAEE aids us to assess you on multiple aspects and helps you prepare for the 12-week immersive experience coming up ahead.

If your application is accepted, you will attempt the Fynd Academy Entrance Exam (FAEE) that involves:

  • FAEE Stage 1 - Aptitude & simple coding problem
  • FAEE Stage 2 - Complex coding problem & Logical based problem

Endless Learning

All successful candidates join us as Trainee. Instead of charging you for joining Fynd Academy, we offer our interns a stipend for the internship duration. And if you ace the program and are hired, you join us as Graduate Engineer at Fynd.

Fresher to Skilled in 10-12 Weeks

There is a reason companies prefer to hire candidates who are experienced. For a fresher, it takes time to understand the ecosystem, learn nuances and effectively contribute to projects.

With Fynd Academy we aim to change this course. We give you a chance to learn by doing and every opportunity to gain real skills-tech & otherwise.

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