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"Fynd Academy was very helpful to Haymarket SAC and helped us place candidates and understand our exact needs and requirements. I would recommend Fynd Academy for fresher tech positions"
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"It was great working with Fynd Academy. They consistently deliver great results for us. Their friendly and professional attitude makes them a pleasure to deal with!"
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"Fynd Academy is our go-to partner when hiring new members for our team. At Pensil, we care a lot about culture and skill-fit and the Fynd Academy team perfectly understands this. It has been a pleasure working with them and we look at them as a long-term partner as we scale”
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Hire the best candidates from a vast talent pool with a range of skills and expertise
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Frequently asked

What kind of candidates do you usually get in a batch at Fynd Academy?

At Fynd Academy, we attract a diverse range of candidates for our programs, including Fullstack Engineering, Blockchain Development, Game Development, and Product Design UI/UX, ensuring a rich and dynamic learning environment.
Are the candidates experienced? How can they benefit my company?
At Fynd Academy, we welcome both experienced professionals and freshers. Hiring from Fynd Academy can provide your company with a fresh perspective, innovation, and a blend of skills required to meet the demands of the job market.
Can I screen candidates before placing my requirement?
Absolutely! we help you find the perfect candidates by screening and assessing based on your specific criteria. We ensure they have the right skills for your roles.
Can I hire candidates for free?
Our placement services are not free. We charge a reasonable fee, but rest assured, we provide competitive rates in line with industry standards to ensure you receive excellent value for your investment.
How do you assess and select candidates?
Applicants are required to complete an online assessment consisting aptitude, fundamental skills, logical reasoning, and advanced skill evaluations. Upon successful completion of the Fynd Academy Entrance Examination (FAEE) and a subsequent screening process, candidates become eligible for enrolment at Fynd Academy.
Are you equipped to assist in candidate search throughout India?
Yes, our extensive network and resources enable us to connect you with talented individuals across various cities and regions, ensuring you have access to a diverse pool of candidates.
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