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Dive into Python programming through practical examples and coding challenges. In just a few weeks, this course, crafted by experienced Python Developers and Data Engineers, will swiftly elevate your Python skills. Learn programming techniques, coding conventions, and best practices for crafting fully functional programs
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Cohort 7 starts on
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What will you learn

Foundations of Python Programming

Gain a solid understanding of Python basics, including syntax, data types, control flow, and functions

  • Participants will be introduced to programming concepts, set up Python environments, and learn basic syntax and operations to start writing Python scripts

  • Focuses on control flow (if statements, loops), functions, and fundamental data structures like lists, tuples, sets, and dictionaries

Advanced Data Handling

Learn to manipulate complex data structures, handle files, and manage errors effectively

  • Participants explore nested data structures, list comprehensions, and file operations including reading from/writing to CSV and JSON files

  • Covers handling exceptions, using modules (e.g., math, datetime), and organizing code with custom modules and the Python Standard Library

Object-Oriented Programming

Master OOP concepts like classes, inheritance, and polymorphism to build structured and reusable code

  • Introduces OOP principles with classes, objects, attributes, and methods

  • Applies OOP to build a Library Management System with classes for books, members, and operations like borrowing and returning books

Data Science Essentials

Explore essential data science libraries (NumPy, Pandas) for numerical computations and data manipulation, and learn to visualize data using Matplotlib and Seaborn

  • Utilizes NumPy for numerical computations and Pandas for data manipulation including reading/writing data and cleaning/preprocessing datasets

  • Uses Matplotlib for basic plotting and Seaborn for advanced visualizations like statistical plots and heatmaps

Web Development Skills

Develop web applications using Flask and Django, understand web development fundamentals, and interact with databases using SQLAlchemy

  • Explores routing, templates, and MVC architecture concepts for dynamic web applications

  • Covers Git fundamentals for version control, including repositories, commits, branches, and merges

Advanced Python Applications

Understand RESTful APIs, and manage your code with Git for version control

  • Introduces API consumption using Python's requests library

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Live Interactive Sessions
Weekly live interactive sessions on Google Meet by expert trainers
Capstone Project
A final project that allows students to apply their learning to solve real-world problems
Post successful completion of course all learners will be awarded with Fynd Academy Certificates
Placement Assistance
To help graduates find relevant job opportunities and prepare for the workforce
Mentorship & Doubt Solving Support
Guidance from experienced professionals to support learning and career development
Interview Preparation & Soft Skills Training
Students will be trained in interview and soft skills for success in any job
Coding Camps
Interactive workshops teaching essential coding skills through practical projects and activities
Network with like- minded peers, platform to share knowledge and explore growth opportunities.

Frequently asked

  • The Fynd Academy’s Full Stack Python Course is a comprehensive 12-week online program designed to equip learners with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in a full-stack developer course. Our curriculum covers Python, HTML, and CSS. This course is suited for both students and working professionals aiming to enhance their coding skills.

  • The course is open to everyone—both students and working professionals looking to build or advance their skills in Full Stack Python development. Regardless of your current career stage or background, this course is designed to accommodate varying levels of experience and schedules.

  • There are no strict prerequisites for joining the course. However, having a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and general web development concepts is a plus. This foundational understanding of the Full Stack developer course will help you grasp the more advanced topics covered in the course more easily. If you're completely new to these concepts, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the basics of HTML and CSS before the course begins.

  • The Full Stack Developer program is thoughtfully structured into two enriching stages over 12 weeks. The first phase involves an intensive 9-week online learning journey, where participants dive deep into key technologies and concepts. Following this, the final 3 weeks are dedicated to a hands-on capstone project, enabling students to bring their learning to life through practical application in a real-world context.

  • Classes are held online, with schedules varying by cohort to fit the needs of all participants. Details for each cohort's schedule are provided before the course begins, accommodating both students and working professionals.

  • Yes, we offer placement assistance with Fynd and our partner companies. Our dedicated placement team works closely with students throughout the online Full Stack development program and after graduation to help polish their portfolios and resumes, practice interviewing, and ultimately land their dream job.

  • Yes, recordings of online classes are provided. This ensures that if you miss a class, you can easily catch up on the material covered, offering flexibility for participants with varying schedules.

  • No, we do not offer a job guarantee. However, we are committed to equipping our students with the skills and knowledge necessary to confidently pursue their career goals, with a dedicated placement team to assist in finding the right job opportunities.

  • Yes, students who meet the graduation criteria and successfully complete their project will receive a Fynd Academy certificate, signifying their readiness for Full Stack Python development roles.

Earn a completion certificate

Enhance your professional profile with an online certificate received upon project submission
Cohort 7 starts on
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August 30
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