Full Stack with Python

Dive into Python programming through practical examples and coding challenges. In just a few weeks, this course, crafted by experienced Python Developers and Data Engineers, will swiftly elevate your Python skills. Learn programming techniques, coding conventions, and best practices for crafting fully functional programs
12 weeks
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Tools and Softwares


What you'll learn

Python Programming Essentials

Begin with a foundational understanding of Python programming, including basic syntax, data types, variables, operators, conditions, and loops

Advanced Python Concepts

Explore advanced Python concepts, including object-oriented programming (functions and classes), lambda functions, list comprehensions, generators, query optimization, and the CPython compiler

Database Operations and Debugging

Learn about file operations, VirtualEnv, Pip, CookieCutter, and key Python frameworks like Flask and Fast for API and database operations. Additionally, gain expertise in debugging, tracing errors, and handling exceptions

Python and Databases

Understand database fundamentals, including concepts like ACID, indexing, replication, and their integration with Python, focusing on MySQL, MongoDB, and Redis. Learn to perform CRUD operations with Python

MongoDB and Redis Mastery

Delve deeper into MongoDB, covering advanced topics such as document remodelling, query construction, document updates, atomic operations, and query optimization. Additionally, explore Redis concepts

Infrastructure and Microservices

Gain insights into the Fynd Ecosystem, microservices design patterns (e.g., producer-consumer), background jobs, and independent service deployments using Docker

Frontend Fundamentals and Database Principles

Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript fundamentals for frontend development. Explore database concepts, SQL querying, database design, normalization, and key database systems like MySQL, Oracle, and PL/SQL

Week wise curriculum


Introduction to Python

We begin with the introduction to Python programming. You will then start getting the taste of Python language with a basic “Hello World” program. Moving ahead, we will uncover the syntax of Python programming by learning about its various data types, variables, operators, conditions, loops, and so on


Deep Dive into Programming

We will explore object-oriented traits such as functions and classes and later move to the concept of lambda, comprehension, generators, query optimization, and other built-in functions and libraries. Next, we will move to Python’s compiler known as CPython to understand how the code gets executed and its alternate flavors


Database Operations and Debugging

We will take a look at understanding file operations in Python and learning concepts such as VirtualEnv, Pip, CookieCutter. We will learn about two key frameworks in Python known as Flask and Fast to see how API and database operations are carried out. This week we will also learn about bugs, traceback, debugging code, and handling exceptions in Python. You’ll also get a chance to experiment with sample Python apps and test utilities


Python Programming and Databases

This week you’ll learn about concepts such as ACID, Indexing, Replication, etc. We will also learn about databases that work well with Python and their integrations-MySQL, MongoDB and Redis. We will take a deep-dive into each of these databases and walk you through the code required to connect to these databases and perform CRUD operations within them using Python


MongoDB and Redis Concepts

This week we learn about MongoDB. After exploring the basics and database operations of the MongoDB shell, it is time for some complex concepts. We will learn about document remodelling, database operations, constructing queries, etc. We will also explore document updates, atomic operations, and query optimization


Get to Know Infrastructure

We take you through the Fynd Ecosystem, explaining how things work and why they work a certain way. Learn how to design scalable microservices with different patterns like producer-consumer, background jobs, and others. Create independent service deployments using docker


Deep Dive into Frontend Framework & Database

Learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS & JavaScript. We then study databases i.e. SQL, Plsql with ORACLE, MYSQL.You now have all the technical concepts, it's time to start applying them in building your project


Deep Dive into Frontend Framework & Database

Learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS & JavaScript. We then study databases i.e. SQL, Plsql with ORACLE, MYSQL.You now have all the technical concepts, it's time to start applying them in building your project


Database Fundamentals

Understanding of database concepts, SQL querying, database design and get introduced to key database systems: MySQL, Oracle, and PL/SQL. Learn about essential principles of database design and normalization to ensure effective data organization


Concluding Phase: Demonstrating Python Proficiency

From week 9, this is the moment to assess and showcase your skills. You've been equipped with all the tools needed to be a confident Python developer, and now it's time to put that knowledge into practice through assessments, projects, and possible interviews. This period is all about demonstrating your readiness for a career as a Python developer

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