Blockchain Development

Begin with blockchain basics, delve into Solana's architecture, and explore its distinctions from other blockchains. Master Smart Contract Development, craft Decentralized Apps, and progress to advanced topics including DEFI, NFT Marketplaces, and Wallet Management Systems. Aspire to be a full-stack blockchain developer, incorporating decentralized databases like Chainlink and Arweave through this course!
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12 weeks
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Tools and Softwares

Blockchain Smart Contracts

Course Highlights

Interactive Live Sessions
Real-time expert-led sessions to boost your coding skills
Placement Support
Access job & internship opportunities at Fynd & our partner companies
9-Week Intensive Training
Fast-paced, comprehensive Fullstack Development Foundation.
Capstone Project
3-week Full Stack Development project for career readiness

What you'll learn

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Blockchain Fundamentals

Gain a deep understanding of core blockchain protocols, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana, as well as the role of consensus mechanisms in blockchain

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Web3 Integration

Learn about Web3 and how it interacts with different blockchains, enabling decentralized applications

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Merkle Tree

Explore the Merkle tree and its significance in blockchain technology

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Blockchain Transactions

Dive into blockchain transactions, comparing Solana's transactions with other blockchains, and understand the process of block creation through mining

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Decentralized Databases

Compare MongoDB and Postgres for decentralized database records and learn about Arweave's use case

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Asset Management

Discover how to manage blockchain assets on a decentralized system, handle private and public keys, and leverage Chainlink for DApp asset management

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Smart Contracts and NFTs

Learn to program and deploy smart contracts, delve into Solana's smart contract functionality, and explore NFT creation and management, including the development of an NFT marketplace. Additionally, understand the workings of DAOs and DeFi

Week wise curriculum


Blockchain Fundamentals

Gain insights into blockchain basics, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana protocols, consensus mechanisms, Web3 integration, and the role of Merkle trees


Blockchain Transactions

Explore blockchain transactions, Solana’s unique approach, block formation, mining, and transaction differences across Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20, Solana, and Solana tokens


Smart Contract Development

Learn to deploy ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 protocols on Ethereum and Solana. Create Smart Contracts on Solana, and implement a versatile wallet using JavaScript


Blockchain Protocols Comparison

Compare blockchain protocols and development nodes. Dive into Solana’s ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 standards and understand RPC calls


Decentralized Database & Asset Management

Evaluate MongoDB vs. Postgres, manage blockchain assets securely, and harness Chainlink with Solana for DApps


Project Introduction & Architecture

Explore the Wallet Management System of Solana, create ERC-20 Tokens, and manage blockchain assets


Smart Contract Programming & Deployment

Learn Solana Smart Contract development, create, and deploy Smart Contracts


Smart Contract Programming & Deployment

Learn Solana Smart Contract development, create, and deploy Smart Contracts


NFT Creation & Decentralized Marketplace

Create NFTs, develop a decentralized marketplace, and explore Web3 and RPC calls in the Solana network


Project Submission & Interviews

From week 9 at Fynd Academy, the main focus is on project submission and interviews. Students are tasked with creating a Solana-based DAO, applying their blockchain knowledge practically. This project submission is a culmination of their learning journey. Simultaneously, they prepare for interviews, bridging the gap between theory and real-world blockchain experience, potentially opening doors to career opportunities in the industry

Earn a completion certificate

Enhance your professional profile with an online certificate received upon project submission
Cohort starts on
Coming soon
Course duration
12 weeks
₹ 10,000