How to Get into Fynd Academy

Fynd Academy Team

Mar 01, 2021

A simple guide to complete the admission process successfully

Our goal with Fynd Academy is to help you master technologies that are essential for building reliable and ready-to-ship products. But all of the mastery starts only with a successful application.

Fynd Academy is open to all engineers. If you are a fresher or an experienced engineer looking to get into dev, you are welcome to apply. But it is important to understand that Fynd Academy is an accelerated program, aimed at developing skilled engineers. So it is going to be an intense 10-12 weeks where you will gain skills for a lifetime.

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Application Process

Applying to Fynd Academy is a simple two-step process

  1. Click on Apply Now and fill out the registration form. You will need to fill out personal information.
  2. Click Submit.

That’s it. Your application is submitted to our admissions team, who will evaluate your form. We’ll send you an email if you are selected to proceed with the admissions process. We will also share details about the Fynd Academy Entrance Exam (FAEE).

Fynd Academy Entrance Exam

The FAEE helps us assess your suitability for the program. The entrance includes the following rounds:

  • FAEE Stage 1 - Aptitude & simple coding problem
  • FAEE Stage 2 - Complex coding problem & Logical based problem

Candidates will be tested on their knowledge-Mathematics, Data Structure and Algorithms, Computer Science, Programming Languages, Logical Reasoning, General Analytics and the latest trends in technology.

Pro Tips to Ace FAEE

  1. Prepare well. We test you on the fundamentals. Make sure to brush up on the basic concepts before you delve into complicated topics.
  2. Manage time. Questions will cover a wide variety of topics. Remember that you have a limited time to answer all questions, so plan your time accordingly.
  3. Comfortable workspace. You will be attempting the FAEE online. Find a quiet work environment where you will not be easily distracted.
  4. Be Honest. We are looking for proactive and driven candidates. The interview rounds will help us clearly assess your skills & knowledge.

All the Best!

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