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Fynd Academy is an accelerated learning program for freshers and experienced professionals to build technical and practical skills to meaningfully contribute to work from day one.

Our Story

For a company rooted in tech and innovation, skilled professionals are everything, be it engineers, designers, testers or developers. They create and design products, decode problems and go beyond when the situation demands. We know from experience that finding skilled applicants is hard. And even when we hire a new team member, it takes a while before the candidate can meaningfully contribute. To solve this problem, we are introducing Fynd Academy.

We believe we can change how we hire and how the new team members grow in our company. Instead of taking the usual long-winded approach, we intend to equip applicants with skills that one usually acquires on the job. We take our Fynd Academy Trainees through years of tribal knowledge at Fynd, giving them the undiluted, intense and most valuable knowledge that they can put into action right now.

Get To Know The Team

Farooq Adam


Heads product, engineering, growth and looks after the overall strategic vision at Fynd

Harsh Shah


Harsh oversees the supply side of the business which includes sales, operations and investor relations.

Sreeraman Mohan Girija


Leads design and finance and looks after the customer experience

Jigar Dafda

Principal Architect

An architect who plans and manages the entire lifecycle of product development at Fynd.

Kushan Shah

PrincipAl Architect

Builds and maintains the order management platform across Fynd's omnichannel businesses.

Kedar Aitawdekar

Senior Software Engineer

Likes to implement systematic, long-term solutions for software challenges

Paul Peter Lobo

Software Engineer

Technophile who develops and maintains software solutions

Shefali Wagadre

Assistant Manager HR

Coordinate and synchronizes the dynamic program in place at the Fynd Academy.

Ninad Sail

Senior Project Associate

Independent thinker who loves building community, exploring diversity & design processes within the boundaries of Fynd.

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