What is the selection process?

Candidates will be screened based on two online tests:

Level 1 - A simple aptitude & basic skill assessment

Level 2 - Logic & complex skill assessmentCandidates that clear both tests will become eligible to join Fynd Academy.

How many hours of classes/training sessions does Fynd Academy have?

Your training will last 4 to 5 hours per day & 5 days a week. The total duration of your course will be 7 to 12 weeks depending upon the course you choose.

What will the course entail?

During the duration of your of training, you will have a chance to learn from the best, ask questions, and practice what you understand.

Course details:
✔ Daily classes with the certified experts & mentor
✔ Sessions with industry experts & Fynd’s pioneering members
✔ An individual project to assess growth & understanding
✔ Dedicated problem-solving classes to clear doubt & get feedback from individual trainees.

Does getting into Fynd Academy guarantee a job at Fynd?

In order to get a job at Fynd, you will have to graduate from the Fynd Academy and clear the subsequent interview. Fynd Academy graduates have a strong chance of being a permanent part of Fynd's various teams.

How many hours of classes/training sessions does Fynd Academy have?

Your training will last 4 to 5 hours per day & 5 days a week. The total duration of your course will be 10 to 12 weeks.

Do I get a programming certificate?
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Yes, Fynd Academy graduates get a programming certificate on successful completion of the course.

I have more questions, who can I talk to?
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You can reach out to us at support@fynd.academy

Why should I invest in omnichannel instead of waiting for the next trend?
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Omnichannel adoption may have especially accelerated in the face of COVID-19, but it is here to stay. With an exponential rise in consumers using more than single-channel simultaneously, riding on omnichannel trend keeps you ahead of the game. Strengthening your omnichannel  strategy and adopting the latest innovations the industry has to offer in the course of its evolution is a wise investment that leading retailers are leaning on.

Will omnichannel increase retail sales?
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Omnichannel integration of all stock points (stores and warehouses) drives your sales on multiple marketplaces. You can drive upto 25% fullprice sell-throughs. Omnichannel in store solutions have been able to save sales that were generally lost due to “out of stock” products (by 8-12%). Customers engage more with omnichannel retailers, spend more money with them, and are more loyal.Read how some of the leading brands increased their retail sales by adopting omnichannel here.
Also read, How to build an omnichannel retail strategy to boost business?

How can omnichannel model help me personalize customer experience?
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A robust omnichannel strategy makes it easy to track where, when and what of the consumer’s buying patterns by capturing real-time data from various channels and touch points. Mapping customer journey through each of these touch points can help in curating a marketing strategy around those patterns with customized offerings and recreate the experience for them every time, hence personalizing their brand experience. Read 4 most impactful ways to enhance your omnichannel customer experience

What are the services provided by an omnichannel service provider?
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The services offered by omnichannel service provider may vary from each other, in terms of coverage, quality, and quantity. By and large the basic services are Centralized Inventory Management, Multichannel Order Management, Multiple Market Place Listing, Warehouse Management, Shipping & Logistics Management, In Store Solutions Endless Aisle Solutions.

What is Endless Aisle?
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Endless aisle is a digital showcase of real-time inventory of a brand. It breaks the physical limitations of a brick and mortar retail store and enables the consumers to virtually browse all the products offered by a brand, that may or may not be available in the store at the time of browsing.

What are the benefits of Endless Aisle?
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Endless Aisles helps in selling products that may be out of stock or physically unavailable in the stores’aisles. This adds up to additional store sales, extended inventory without any additional cost, increased footfall, increased customer acquisition, retention & brand loyalty, and empowerment & enhanced performance of store associates.

How can Endless aisle help in acquiring more customers?
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Endless Aisles offers wider choices, easy selection, convenience, faster service, lower dependence of assistive shopping and customized offering to customers. It also enables the customers to check in advance the availability of the product they are looking for before making the physical visit.

How has omnichannel market helped brands to sustain their presence during the COVID situation?
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The need for being present for your customers wherever they are has been best realized in the COVID times. Businesses that were available on multiple platforms and delivery channels thrived and the others followed the footprints as it had become a necessity. Omnichannel commerce assisted brands in fulfilling orders from lesser affected area, enhancing sales as well as utilizing dormant inventory.

What are the different inventory models in e-commerce?
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Different e commerce models are curated based on the agreement the seller (marketplace in e commerce) and supplier (manufacturer/wholesaler) engage into in terms of purchasing and managing inventory. How products are sourced and inventory management is handled defines the inventory management model. Different models such models are Outright Purchase Model (OR), Sell or Return (SOR), Just in Time (JIT), Drop ship

Why should I choose Fynd among all other omnichannel platforms in the market?
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The same reasons for which 1000 brands and 10,000 stores to lay their trust with us! Being a one-stop omnichannel solution, having a designated Growth Manager, easy-to-use Fynd Platform Dashboard with great UI/UX , constant support from our Customers Delight team are just a handful yet substantial reasons to chose Fynd.

What differentiates Fynd from the rest?
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At Fynd, our commitment goes beyond delivering a great SaaS product suit and activating you plan. Our designated Growth Manager becomes a committed part of your brand’s growth, remain in regular touch on periodic business review calls, work with your team to achieve sale targets, suggest best practices and give insights on the roadblocks to accelerate the growth of your brand on all platforms. Fynd is an ever evolving platform with a team of innovative engineers capable of building customized solutions to meet your unique needs.

What are the specific benefits of Endless Aisle solution by Fynd?
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Fynd Store is an assistive in-store solution, much more than just an endless aisle. You can use it as a mobile POS, create a digital replica of your store on the app, create personalized carts for your customers, customize the domain and create product collection and share them with your customers over Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or through the SMS and Email, allows your customers to self-checkout, allows contactless browsing through QR Codes empowers your store staff to know and serve your customers through clientelling and much more.Read more Fynd Store-More than an Endless Aisle Solution

How has Fynd Store omnichannel market helped brands to sustain their presence during the COVID situation?
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Fynd store is one such example where the closed down stores could share the inventory link to their consumers and they could browse and place orders from the stores to their homes. Amidst the lock down, we helped several brands utilize their shut down store inventories to fulfill orders even in the remotest or red zones. The underutilized inventory was put to use and deliveries across states not only became possible, but also faster.

How can Fynd Store help customers?
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Fynd store offers a personalized experience to customers i.e. delivery or fulfilling from a store close to the customer’s location, so if the customer has any issue he or she can directly step to the nearest Fynd Store for the quick replacement.

How can I omnify my business through Fynd?
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With Fynd, you can omnify in multiple ways, depending on the size and nature of your business. You can omnify your store with Fynd Store- an in-store assistive sales solution, you can omnify your business on market places with our APIs for Marketplace integrations and omnify your brand website too. We can help you create an omni-powered brand website if you do not have. If you have your website built on Shopify or Magento, you can use our plug-ins to omnify your website. You can launch your ecommerce store through Fynd Platform or you can sell on our market place fynd.com or on our wholesale marketplace uniket.com.

Does Fynd support international deliveries?
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Yes, currently we support deliveries to USA, UAE, and Canada.

How many brands have been associated with Fynd?
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1000+ brands have been associated with the Fynd platform and have managed to boost their sales.

What are the categories that Fynd works for?
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Brands we work with span across varied categories ranging from Apparel, Footwear, Home & Living, Electronics, Jewelry, Eyewear and Beauty.

What size of brands can Fynd support?
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We cater to all kinds of business ranging from startups, SMEs, and large enterprises.

How do I get started?
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Great! Now you know all that you needed to know about omnichannel solutions, platforms, services and why choose Fynd, lets get started. Fill this form and schedule a demo with us for a detailed walk through of the products and services and how they fit best with your business. Our executives will take you from there.

Does Fynd help in cataloging for different marketplaces?
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Once your catalog is created and uploaded on Fynd Platform, our catalog transformation tool will help you convert you catalog compatible with other marketplaces like Myntra, Flipkart, Ajio etc.

How is the product count updated at the back end?
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The data from the stores is communicated to Fynd Platform and product count is updated through inventory syncs which can be Full Sync, Delta Sync, Real-Time sync and SFTP integration.

I have not cataloged and got a photoshoot of the New Store Collection? Can I sell them on Fynd Store?
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Yes, Fynd Store supports addition of imageless products as well. Once your customer has selected the product in your store Store Associate may place order for any imageless article listed on Fynd Store.

What product identifier is used on Fynd Platform?
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Different product identifiers used for cataloging are EAN, ALU, SKU and UPC. You can select either one of these as your primary identifier and Fynd Platform will map the products suitably.

What is a fulfilling store and ordering store on Fynd Store?
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The store that places the order using Fynd Store is called the ordering store. The store selected to deliver the order is the fulfilling store (usually the nearest store to the delivery address). The order is placed by the ordering store, packed, invoiced and kept ready to be collected by our delivery partner by the fulfilling store.

What is the difference between inventory integration and order integration?
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Inventory on Fynd platform is updated on real-time or periodic basis by either syncing the platform with your POS or integrating using APIs. This is called inventory integration. For brands who manage their orders directly on their POS and not on Fynd Platform, our APIs can integrate Fynd platform with POS to fetch the orders. This is called order integration.

How can Fynd help me in enhancing my visibility across different marketplaces?
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By mapping your products on warehouse inventory over inventory on Fynd platfrom and other marketplaces, we conduct periodic gap analysis and offer corrective actions to bridge these gaps, hence enhancing your product visibility and boosting you sale.

Can Fynd be integrated into an existing ERP system?
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Fynd can be easily integrated with ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV. If your ERP has API interfaces, it can be exposed to Fynd, and our tech team can develop the integrator. or Fynd will provide an API and carry out the integration process.

Which marketplaces can be integrated with Fynd?
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Flipkart, Amazon,  Myntra, Ajio, Tatacliq, Tatacliq Luxury, Nykaa, NykaaFashion, Fynd.com. To expand your reach to a wider customer base, we keep launching new integrations, latest ones being Trell and MagicPin.

Can my POS be integrated with Fynd?
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Yes, POS(Point of Sale) systems by Ginesys, Logic, Quikbill, Dolphin, Retail, WhizApp, Jio POS Lite, Shopper9 can be easily integrated with Fynd.

Can I link my own eCommerce website with Fynd?
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Yes, your website can be integrated with Fynd Platform. If your website is powered by Magento or Shopify we have a ready to use plug in to integrate it to Fynd Platform.

Can WMS be integrated with Fynd?
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Yes, Warehouse Management System by Holisol, Increff, easyops, Revalsys, OMS Guru, Sellerware, Easyecom, Browntape, Unicommerce and Viniculum can be integrated to control and synchronize warehouse inventory for your business

What are the payment options available at Fynd?
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Fynd offers popular payment integrations for quick and secure checkouts like PayU, mswipe, Stripe, Juspay, RazorPay

How does Fynd ensure efficient delivery and logistics?
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Fynd ensures lightning-fast delivery with swift and reliable hyperlocal delivery partners like Dunzo, Wefast, Lalamove, Now, Grab

How can I get help if I face any issues?
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In case of any queries, feedback or support, feel free to reach us to at brands@fynd.com. We would be happy to answer any and all questions related to our platform.


Do you have a refund policy?
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The commissions are based on the transaction basis. Once you choose to stop using our services, there is no commission deduction.

How does the payment process work?
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An invoice is generated and sent to the retailer/seller brand for the further payment proceedings.

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