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Full Stack Quality

This course will develop your skills in implementing the latest testing techniques and tools in the software development life cycle. Get an in-depth understanding and exposure to the best practices like Agile Scrum, SDLC, STLC etc, with real-time usage in projects at Fynd.

The guided projects will prepare you to strategise and perform effectively on all your deliverables, allowing you to be the best QA testing engineer from the get-go!

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Full stack engineering





Unity 3D


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Week 1. Introduction to Software Quality Assurance

In this week, you will be introduced to the basics of testing, and you will have an understanding of the fundamental principles of software quality assurance.

Quality Assurance
Week 2: Foundations of Software Quality Assurance

In this module, you will understand the testing principles, models of testing, types of systematic testing strategies, and processes of software testing cycles.

Software Quality Assurance
Week 3:  Test Management and Execution

This module will explain to you the various aspects of software testing, planning test strategies, test development techniques, test executions, and stakeholder management

Test Management and execution
Week 4: Levels of Software testing

In this week, we will deep dive into various types and levels of software testing in detail

Levels of software testing
Week 5: Software Test Automation

Setting a foundation for successful test automation in software quality assurance - how to develop a test automation strategy, how to choose the right tools for the test automation and how to add value to quality cycles

Software Test automation
Week 6: Non Functional Testing

This week, we will go through the various aspects of non functional testing in backend services, web and mobile applications.

Non Functional Testing
Week 7: Debugging and root cause analysis

In this module, we will learn about debugging the issues observed in the environment, various tools used to detect the failures in the system and generating the root cause analysis of the problems encountered.

Debugging and root cause analysis
Week 8: Project Workshop, Review and  Feedback

In this final week, you will have a hand-on experience in developing an automation framework from scratch, and working on live project in Fynd

Project workshop

What's More

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    Daily Huddle
    Reflect on and discuss the previous class materials to prepare for fresh learning.
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    The Fynd Method
    Learn the latest tools and techniques for through testing from Fynd’s best engineers.
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    Guided Development
    Take guidance from experts if you are stuck. You'll always have help.
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    Team Reviews
    Learn from each other. See how others solve a problem statement.

Not Just a Certificate

  • When you apply to Fynd Academy and go through the admission process, we experience your sincerity and willingness to succeed. Throughout the course, we test you on your gained knowledge. We are looking to shape the best minds to work with us. And that's why you are not just students, but Trainees at Fynd. If you are hired, you join us as Graduate Engineer at Fynd.

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