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Product Design UI UX Course

Learn the ins and outs of product design along with the necessary skills like ideation, information architecture, wireframes and design foundation etc. Work on building real-life and functional designs with the guidance of some of the best UI/ UX designers at Fynd. 

We want you to hit the ground running when you start working as a product design engineer. Hence, the course provides you with the unique opportunity to experience real-world projects with a hands-on approach.

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Week 1. Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design

Introduction to the Fynd UI and UX design course. We will lay the foundations of UX and user research that will help you create better products.

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Week 2: Empathize and Ideate

Learn about the process of identifying needs and pain points of users from data gathered during research. You will then use various ideation methods to identify use cases and create solutions for a seamless user experience.

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Week 3:  Information Architecture

Learn how to structure a product to help users find information and complete tasks efficiently. You will be organising the product features and content, creating user flows and sitemaps during this week.

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Week 4: Wireframes and Lo-fi Prototypes

During this week, you will learn how to visualise and validate your ideas using sketches, wireframes, and prototypes. Also, you will start working on your mock project during this week.

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Week 5: Visual Design

Get a deep dive into various UI patterns, principles and guidelines that helps design a great product. Then, use Figma to create Hi-Fi wireframes and prototype to test them early and get feedback.

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Week 6: Hi-Fidelity Design and Prototype in Figma

Get an overview of creating an design system to organize, standardise, and enhance designs in Figma. Finally, you will apply everything you have learned to design and prototype your mock project.

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Week 7: Project Review & Feedback

In this final week, we will review your mock project and provide feedback, as well as provide guidance to start your career in the product design field.

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What's More

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    Daily Huddle
    Reflect on and discuss the previous class materials to prepare for fresh learning.
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    The Fynd Method
    Design requires vision. Learn easy-to-use and smart design from Fynd’s core teams.
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    Guided Development
    Take guidance from experts if you are stuck. You'll always have help.
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    Team Reviews
    Learn from each other. See how others solve a problem statement.

Not Just a Certificate

  • When you apply to Fynd Academy and go through the admission process, we experience your sincerity and willingness to succeed. Throughout the course, we test you on your gained knowledge. We are looking to shape the best minds to work with us. And that's why you are not just students, but Trainees at Fynd. If you are hired, you join us as Graduate Engineer at Fynd.

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