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Game Development

Get thorough and practical knowledge of the interesting world of game development from Fynd’s engineers working on actual games. Learn the coding, programming, AI and other skills covered in the course by working on real projects.

During this course, you will receive mentorship and guidance as you progress further. By the end of it, you will be capable of bringing some amazing game development ideas to life!

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Game Development





Unity 3D





Week 1. Fundamentals of Programming

Introduction to OOP with C#

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Week 2: Introduction to Unity Game Engine, Scripting, Maths, and Physics

Setup Unity and get introduced to its interface.Start creating and using unity scripts to add behavior to GameObjects.Learn basic mathematics and physics required for your game development journey.

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Week 3:  2D Concepts

This week we learn about the features of Unity to develop 2D games in Unity.Learn how to import your 2D game assets into your project and use them to design awesome levels.Learn how to simulate 2D physics in your games, to ensure that the objects correctly accelerate and respond to collisions, gravity and various other forces.Add more juice to your 2D games by learning particle systems in Unity.

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Week 4: Animation and Audio in Unity
  • Get familiar with animation features available in Unity.

  • Learn how to import and work with imported animation, and how to animate objects, colors, and any other parameters within Unity itself.

  • Learn to design animation state machines.

  • Learn to set up audio in your scene, as well as customize your sound using specific audio tools and techniques.

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Week 5: User Interface
  • Get acquainted with the Unity UI, enabling you to add custom user interfaces to your games.

  • Learn to create responsive UI for multiple resolutions.

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Week 6: 3D Concepts
  • Understand core concepts of 3D game development in Unity.

  • Learn how to simulate 3D physics in your games, to ensure that the objects correctly accelerate and respond to collisions, gravity, and various other forces.

  • Add more juice to your 3D games by learning lighting techniques, post-processing, and particle system in Unity.

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Week 7: Multiplayer and Networking
  • Learn the core concepts and architecture of Multiplayer Games.

  • Learn to develop multiplayer games by using Colyseus Multiplayer Framework.

  • Learn TypeScript programming language to write your game server.

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Week 8: Finals Week and Interviews
  • We give you all the raw materials you need to become a confident Game Developer. Now it's time to test your skills and see what you've learned.

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What's More

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    Daily Huddle
    Reflect on and discuss the previous class materials to prepare for fresh learning.
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    The Fynd Method
    Coding is hard. Learn how to code smartly, straight from Fynd Engineers.
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    Guided Development
    Take guidance from experts if you are stuck. You'll always have help.
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    Code Reviews
    Learn from each other. See how others solve a problem statement.

Not Just a Certificate

  • When you apply to Fynd Academy and go through the admission process, we experience your sincerity and willingness to succeed. Throughout the course, we test you on your gained knowledge. We are looking to shape the best minds to work with us. And that's why you are not just students, but Trainees at Fynd. If you are hired, you join us as Graduate Engineer at Fynd.

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