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Fynd Platform Themes

Fynd Platform supports multiple themes which you can use to customize the appearance of your website and mobile app.

The training on e-commerce website development using the Fynd platform includes an introduction to functional programming, theme editing, creating sections and system pages, and custom templates. Assignments are given at the end of each week to provide practical experience in creating a functional e-commerce website using the Fynd platform



This course is a part of the Fynd Engineering track. Only selective candidates are chosen to take up this course, laying down the path to an interview at Fynd.

Full Stack with Javascript (MEVN)

Learn the tech-stack and skills needed to master frontend, backend and database technologies.

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Week 1. Theme and Theme Editor

Week 1 of this syllabus includes an introduction to functional programming and a deep dive into functional programming related to storefront setup, covering navigation, collections, products, blogs, the Fynd platform panel view of themes, hands-on experience with the Fynd platform theme editor, and the FDK CLI's basic structure and file/template workings, with the assignment being to create a website using the Astra theme and begin development and serve the theme locally.

Full  stack
Week 2.  Deep Dive into Theme Structure, Section & understanding Headers/Footers

In week 2 of this syllabus, we will cover the basics of creating sections for your e-commerce website, including how to add a hero image, create a featured collection, and add media with text. The assignment for this week will be to create one static section, an image gallery, and one FDK powered section, a collection listing. We will also cover the importance of the header and footer sections, and provide an overview of navigations. Additionally, we will guide you through the process of adding navigations in your theme, and provide an assignment for creating the header and footer sections.

Week 3. Introduction to System pages

In week 3 of this syllabus, we will provide an overview of the various pages that make up an e-commerce website, apart from the home page. We will guide you through the process of creating a product description page, a product listing page, a collections page, and a wishlist page. The assignment for this week will be to create system pages, such as the login page, the account page, and the cart page. These pages are crucial for any e-commerce website and will enhance the user experience. By the end of the week, you will have gained an understanding of the different types of pages required for a functional e-commerce website and will have hands-on experience creating them.

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Week 4. Intro to Section pages & Custom Template

Week 4 covers creating custom login/registration pages, section pages, custom templates, and a final assignment involving creating a theme throughout the training program using a Figma file.

This image shows the layout of the Fynd Academy webpage.

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    Daily Huddle
    Reflect on and discuss the previous class materials to prepare for fresh learning.
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    The Fynd Method
    Coding is hard. Learn how to code smartly, straight from Fynd Engineers.
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    Guided Development
    Take guidance from experts if you are stuck. You'll always have help.
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    Code Reviews
    Learn from each other. See how others solve a problem statement.

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