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Full Stack with Javascript
(MEVN Stack)

A comprehensive programming course that gives you sound knowledge and skills. Work on real projects and learn frontend, backend and database in 12 weeks.

You will receive guidance from real-world engineers and experience mentorship at every curve. We would love to have you work at Fynd, so we give you everything to master skills and start with us right away.

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Become a Fynd Engineer

This course is a pre-requisite to other course to break into a career at Fynd. After the completion of this course, you can take up one of the courses below:

Boltic Engineering

Learn how a Data Platform solves advanced data problems, automates ETL workflows and builds and shares reports with businesses.

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Fynd Platform Extensions

Develop, deploy and explore how website extensions help businesses track sales data and improve customer experience.

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Fynd Platform Themes

Build customizable no-code themes for businesses to help them create e-commerce websites with ease.

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Full Stack Curriculum







Week 1. Responsive Web Design

Introduction to Full Stack web development. Plus, a quick walkthrough of the topics we'll cover in the program.

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Week 2-4. Deep Dive into Advanced Frontend Framework

Learn JavaScript. We then study Vue.js in-depth. At the end of this week, you will create a project incorporating everything you have learned. You now have all the technical concepts, its time to start applying them in building your project.

Week 5-7. Backend Programming and Database

This week we delve into the server-side programming platform, Node.js for end-to-end understanding of web development. You'll also learn about NoSQL databases, particularly MongoDB.

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Week 8. Startup Ecosystem

We take you through the Fynd Ecosystem, explaining how things work and why they work a certain way. At the end of this week, you will be familiar with Kafka, Redis, Git and more.

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Week 9-12. Finals Week and Interviews

We give you all the raw materials you need to become a confident Full Stack developer. Now its time to see what you've learned.

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What's More

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    Daily Huddle
    Reflect on and discuss the previous class materials to prepare for fresh learning.
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    The Fynd Method
    Coding is hard. Learn how to code smartly, straight from Fynd Engineers.
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    Guided Development
    Take guidance from experts if you are stuck. You'll always have help.
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    Code Reviews
    Learn from each other. See how others solve a problem statement.

Not Just a Certificate

  • When you apply to Fynd Academy and go through the admission process, we experience your sincerity and willingness to succeed. Throughout the course, we test you on your gained knowledge. We are looking to shape the best minds to work with us. And that's why you are not just students, but Trainees at Fynd. If you are hired, you join us as Graduate Engineer at Fynd.

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