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Blockchain Development

Starting with the fundamentals of blockchain technology and then focusing on Solana Blockchain & briefly on its architecture, the course deals with the differences between Solana and other blockchains. Learn everything from Smart Contract Development to creating Decentralized Apps. 

Later, we will move to advanced topics to help you understand and build your DEFI, NFT Marketplace and Wallet Management System. Become a full-stack blockchain developer using decentralized databases like Chainlink and Arweave with this course!

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Blockchain development


Node JS




Blockchain Smart Contracts



Week 1. Introduction to Full Stack Blockchain Development and depth understanding of core protocols of Blockchain.

  1. Understand Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana Blockchain and their core protocol.

  2. What are the consensus in a Blockchain and what are their different types?

  3. How consensus affects a Blockchain protocol?

  4. Difference between the different consensus of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana

  5. What is Web3 and how does it works with different blockchains?

  6. What is the Merkle tree and how it works with Blockchain?

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Week 2: Deep dive into blockchain transactions and how Solana is different from other blockchains transactions.
  1. What is a block and how does it forms, and how the mining of any block is related to a block?

  2. How the transaction of Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20, Solana, and Solana token is different?

  3. How mining works and a new block with transactions is added to the chain?

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Week 3:  Understanding different protocol i.e ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155 and deployment on blockchain.
  1. Get to know about all the developing tools for Ethereum and Solana blockchain.

  2. Create a Smart Contract on Solana and Deploy it.

  3. Create Wallet functionality using Javascript as a Node application which can be used to Send, Receive Solana and ERC20 Token on Solana.

  4. Different Protocol of Solana ERC20 vs ERC721 vs ERC1155.

  5. Different Node of Development Testnet, Devote, Maine Cluster Knowledge, and RPC calls

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Week 4: Decentralize Database Records.
  1. MongoDB vs Postgres, Advantage and their use case

  2. Decentralize DB Arweave Blockchain introduction and how it works?

  3. How to manage Blockchain assets on Decentralize system

  4. Managing private and public keys of DB

  5. Harnessing Chainlink with Solana to manage D APP assets

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Week 5: Introduction to Project and its Architecture
  1. Wallet Management System of Solana

  2. Send, Receive, Withdraw and Deposit for Solana Wallet

  3. How to create ERC-20 Token on Solana?

  4. Send, Receive, Withdraw and Deposit for ERC-20 Token on Solana Wallet

  5. Recording all actions in DB for the wallet system and maintaining its historical Data

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Week 6: Programming Smart contracts and deploy it on blockchain.
  1. How Solana smart contract works?

  2. Create Solana Smart Contract

  3. Deploy Solana Smart Contract

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Week 7: Creation & working of NFT
  1. Understanding how Web3 and RPC calls of Solana network work.

  2. Create NFT marketplace using React and Web3

  3. How to decentralize the entire Project for the NFT marketplace?

  4. Developing the entire platform for NFT creation and Sending NFT to any other user with full end functionality

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Week 8: Working & creation of DAO
  1. How Defi works?

  2. How Custo-Defi works?

  3. How DAO Works?

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Week 9-12: Project Submission & Interview at Fynd
  1. Create any kind of DAO on Solana and Submit it as an assignment

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